School Values

Your school’s vision and values underpin everything you do.

By creating graphics that communicate your core values and how they are rooted to your ethos you can reinforce your message throughout the school.

We can create bespoke value iconography that reflects your individual school’s values. If you would like some more information about this service please get in touch.

By creating a graphical interpretation of each value, you can use this visual communication to reinforce your school’s ethos. This strong identity can then be reflected internally and externally.

The values would be supplied in various file formats for the school to use internally on the termly newsletter, power points, letterheads and website etc. The artwork can also be used to create stickers and certificates.

By creating displays linked to these visuals you can showcase the work you are already doing.

Your external signage and entrance is where first impressions count, this area is community and visitor focused.

The reception is a space where you demonstrate what type of school you are, this is the ideal place for your ethos and values plaques as well as a display for your staff photos.

The hall is the heart of the school where you come together for collective thoughts and celebrations. So we would recommend your vision and values  make a backdrop to your whole school assemblies.

An updatable pupil focused corridor display is also a great way to explain each individual value, showcase your community work and/or termly class work.

Our bespoke approach means that each design is unique and reflects the nature and needs of each school.