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How We Can Help…

Two Thirds Design can offer a bespoke, custom design service or tailor one of our existing displays to meet your requirements.

Below you will find a selection of products that can be used to promote and enhance your school’s identity and environment.

We can create an individual identity for your school with design
  • School logo, ethos and values branding
  • Photography
  • Outdoor and indoor signage
  • Postcards, posters and pop-up banners
  • Prospectus, stationery and branded Microsoft Office templates
We can inspire with inspirational interior design ideas
  • Large wall displays, windows floor or wall vinyl graphics
  • Reception ‘Welcome’ panels
  • ‘Our School History’ panels
  • Staff and Governor displays
  • School Values and Code of Conduct displays
  • Pupil Attendance, Motivation & Reward boards
  • Bespoke curriculum linked resource displays

Consistent Identity for your school

Reflecting your schools identity and ethos, both inside and out is reassuring for parents, pupils and staff.

Displays that effectively communicate your school’s values, logo and branding give a sense of belonging to pupils and create a clear message of the schools’ expectations, ethos and vision.

Leaflets, Prospectus Brochures and Postcards

Postcards are a great way to pass on your school details. Brochures/folders are a great way to use as a prospectus when potential parents want more detailed information about your school.


Truly capture the essence of  your school with high quality professional digital photography.  Your copyright free photos can then be used as part of a resource or simply printed to make eye-catching corridor posters.

Entrance Welcome Displays

Acrylic and Di-Bond wall displays are durable solutions for a permanent display. Reverse printing process gives high visual impact and is scratch proof, anti-vandal. Suitable for reception areas, corridors, classrooms – anywhere with high footfall.

Inspirational Entrances

3 Dimensional and magnetic displays create eye-catching reception displays. Rotating magnetic display solutions have replaceable images. 3D and 2D displays can be hung, wall mounted or freestanding.

Custom Mural Wallcoverings

Vinyl wallpaper with a matt lamination is a perfect choice for making a floor to ceiling statement in corridors, libraries, classrooms and entrances. Our bespoke montages can reflect the school’s needs and inspire pupils. This solution can transform spaces into usable resources or create an ambience that can support behaviour.

School Banners and Hangings

Canvas Hanging Banners for school halls are a great way to focus on House Points and encourage team work.

Pop-up Banners are a high impact and cost-effective solution for short term, internal use. It’s an ideal for parent’s evenings, open days or sports events.

Outdoor Signage, Interpretation Boards, Wooden and Metal Lecterns

These hard-wearing outdoor anti-vandal signs are ideal for your school signage; entrance, parking, welcome and directional signs as well as outdoor resources for play spaces.