The brief: To create a number of school hall and corridor displays that featured the saints of Our Lady and St Rose of Lima Catholic Primary School, the school’s ethos and values as well as depicting the four House Saints – Saint Sebastian, Saint Mary, Saint Thomas Aquinas and Saint Gregory the Great.

The process: Our Lady and St Rose of Lima Catholic Primary School’s strong brand flows throughout their whole building. The brand is based on four contemporary vibrant house colours running in shards through the carpet and up the walls. Two Thirds Design art directed a photography day to capture the pupils and activities around the school. This use of colour as well the photography was incorporated in to the designs. The house and school saints and their religious significance were researched and interpreted in designs relevant to the school. The pupils also contributed their own words, which highlighted the values and ethos of their school beautifully.

The end result: We produced laminated full colour printed vinyl wrapped diBond panels as the displays were to be positioned near heat sources. Wall vinyls were used to wrap around the school canteen hatch, giving a permanent, hardwearing display. The finished designs transformed the school hall. The displays were informative, colourful and contemporary in style and very fitting for this particular school’s identity and brand.