Interactive Classroom Wall Displays – Pupil Motivational Boards

A motivational board to reinforce and award achievement based on the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL). The updateable panel has a Dry Wipe Laminate to it’s surface and is supplied with marker pens. SIZE: 750mm by 1250mm

A5 Flyer Pupil Motivational Boards

If you are interested in the display above and would like a costing, it would help if you could provide the following:

  • Dimensions of the space so we can advise on the size.
  • A description of the area (e.g. high footfall, near a heat source – radiator or direct sunlight) so we can advise on the right material.
  • Photographs of the area (e.g. Reception, Hall, Corridor) so we can assess the right fixtures.

We will get back to you ASAP or alternatively contact us on 0121 233 2057 to discuss the possibilities.

NB If more boards are ordered the unit price will reduce. Motivational words can also be altered to suit your needs prior to production.