Towpath of time, Screencast

Well a few days ago I posted about a project we had been commissioned to make an interactive CDROM and I mentioned that its wasn't so much as just commissioned, as well into production. So I decided I would follow up that post with a screen cast of how its looking so far and some of the functionality.

Some of the features we have developed especially for this disc are the photo gallery, light box and interactive map. Also worth noting this is our first flurry with a totally flash disc in a Director shell. We have previously use flash elements and components in Director but this disc takes that to a whole new level and as you can see, really looks good for it.Hope you enjoy the preview!

Kitty Interactive : Touch Screen un Boxed..

We were recently commissioned by The New Art Gallery : Walsall to create an interactive game piece for the Discovery gallery. Today we collected the 17" touch screen and pc to power the interactive from the gallery and below you will find some images and a video of us testing the hardware!!

Interactive touch screen panel

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