New website! v2.3

Old/New website!! ok, so it look pretty much exactly the same or very close to the untrained eye, but we really like the current design and well if it ain't broke don't fix it right.

Despite appearances the site has had a complete over hall and under the surface a lot has changed here are just a few.

  • New Layouts - we've added some new layout designs and tweaked others.
  • Bootstrap based theme.
  • Ditched - Highslide in favour of Fancybox for lightbox galleries.
  • HTML5 & CSS3 - A lot of original site design was powered by image backgrounds and css sliding doors, we've replaces ones that gave us curved corners, drop shadows and gradients with CSS3.
  • IE6 - we used to make a vague attempt to make it look good ok, now we don't.
  • Retina graphics - we've created new retina graphics, especially where they contain text,
  • Custom Content Types & Taxonomies for WordPress - we've used them for ages on our clients sites, but this one was originally build before they existed so we created a load and migrated over the old content as best  as possible.
  • Icon Font - several icons throughout the site have been replaced with a font.
  • Sprites - small background images have been combined into sprites.
  • Finally we've put some effort into optimisation, we already served some of the graphical assets from a CDN, thats now most.. and were also taking or JS and CSS optimisation and cacheing further in a effort to really minimise load times.

The result hopefully a faster, easier to user site !!

Merry Xmas 09


Once again, this year we have donated money to the Help the Aged Charity instead of producing and sending Christmas cards to our clients. Our contribution has been made to the ‘1 is a lonely number’ campaign providing a Christmas dinner for elderly people who live alone.

We are therefore delivering our seasonal message in an email with special thanks for your support, creative ideas and exciting projects that you have sent our way during 2009.

In addition to wishing you a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year we have added another little special extra something to the email. Click the link to find out just how clever we can be. Hope it makes you smile!

Our very best wishes from the
Two Thirds Design Team

Goodbye Halloween


It's time for us to take our Halloween theme down, if you missed it there is a photo after the break.  We also have some more seasonal themes all ready to go throughout the coming year, so come back soon to see what's new!

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A human midi system, all you need is some electrodes, some conductive body paint and a load of bikini clad dancers.  Seriously cool, useless but very cool..

Touchy Fish

So gill mentioned that were working on a new interactive for the New Art Gallery, here's a quick video of the BETA version that's in the final stages of production.

We'll be installing the interactive in the coming weeks so if your in the Walsall area at the beginning of August go check it out!

Kittie Interactive Installation

Today we installed the hardware into the gallery, see the photos and videos after the break


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Kitty Interactive Progress

So here is a quick preview of how the kitty interactive is coming along.

Apologies for the shaky cam, I'll try something different for the next video.

Towpath of time, Screencast

Well a few days ago I posted about a project we had been commissioned to make an interactive CDROM and I mentioned that its wasn't so much as just commissioned, as well into production. So I decided I would follow up that post with a screen cast of how its looking so far and some of the functionality.

Some of the features we have developed especially for this disc are the photo gallery, light box and interactive map. Also worth noting this is our first flurry with a totally flash disc in a Director shell. We have previously use flash elements and components in Director but this disc takes that to a whole new level and as you can see, really looks good for it.Hope you enjoy the preview!

Kitty Interactive : Touch Screen un Boxed..

We were recently commissioned by The New Art Gallery : Walsall to create an interactive game piece for the Discovery gallery. Today we collected the 17" touch screen and pc to power the interactive from the gallery and below you will find some images and a video of us testing the hardware!!

Interactive touch screen panel

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Towpath of Time

Old new is new news... So we have been working on this for a while but not bothered telling anybody about it.. so hear are a few details to start you off.

Two thirds has been commissioned by Birmingham Archaeology ( The University of Birmingham ) and Sandwell Council to author an interactive educational resource being written by Birmingham Archaeology covering the history of the canal network in the Sandwell area.

LCP French Interactive CDROM 2

Disc face Language Center Publication's French Interactive 2 has past testing with flying colors and has gone to the presses!

Two Thirds were commissioned to produce two CDROMs of interactive games for Language Center Publications to allow children to reinforce there knowledge of French in there own time or as part of a class led activity. The Discs consist of 6 dynamic games driven by XML data, using a bank of audio and illustrations resulting in over 92 different games per disc that are different every time there played.

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Business Link WM Podcast..

A few weeks ago I took an hour or two out of the office to do a favour for our friends over at Creative Launchpad (Business Link WM). They ask for one of us to particpate as a case study of a "create" company the have supported for the new podcasts being produced by Business Link.

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