Our Nurture and Reflection Spaces

Are you in need of a reflection room or nurturing space?

Whatever name you call it – a nurture room can be a bridge between home and school/nursery; a place where children can feel safe and secure and therefore find the space to develop and grow as individuals.


We can help you create any theme, such as:

  • Beach Hut
  • Sea Theme
  • Woodland theme
  • The Four Seasons Room
  • Magical Woodland grotto hideaway
  • Cosy Cottage
  • Old fashioned Snug/drawing room…

and we’re always working on plenty more!

Using materials like bespoke adhesive wallpaper and vinyl artwork we can completely transform a room or corner of a classroom into a nurture area. You can add bean bags, furniture or your own finishing touches to complete the theme.

Nurture spaces help children develop the social and emotional skills to thrive at school. To be able to engage with peers and adults, gain resilience and a capacity to deal with the ups and downs of life, for life.

Nurture rooms can assist with:

  • Friendship difficulties – keeping/making friends
  • Quiet, shy or withdrawn
  • Find it hard to listen to others or join in
  • Disruptive towards others
  • Find it hard to accept losing a game
  • Difficulties in sharing and taking turns
  • Find it a bit difficult to settle into class
  • Bullying
  • Low self esteem
  • Poor relationships with adults in school
  • Bereavement
  • Family illness or break-up

Two Thirds Design feel passionate about helping schools transform these environments as they truly benefit pupils’ behaviour and staff morale.

Satisfied Customers!

Over the summer break we were lucky to install our work in some inspiring Birmingham schools.

So...blowing our own trumpet...here's what a couple of them said...


Two Thirds Design - a wholly professional company with creativity, flair and importantly patience with the client.
Think big and outside the box! Anything is possible!

Emma Tyler
Greet Primary School


Thank you for your beautiful work at English Martyrs’.  The children have had a wonderful time roaming around the school to find all the new displays. Our thanks to you and your team for not only understanding but enhancing our original vision for our school.

Evelyn Harper

English Martyrs' Catholic Primary School

Hidden family treasures at WNAG - Launch

The Garman Ryan Esptein Collection is a beautiful and varied collection and is well worth a visit at any time. But by digging deeper into the lives and times of Jacob Epstein and his extended family back in the 1920s through to the 50s, reveals wonderful details of the social constraints of the times, as well as something of the character of Epstein himself in defying the conventions of that time.

Jo Digger, Head of Collections at Walsall New Art Gallery has asked Two Thirds Design once again to work with her on a series of interactives/resources which gives the user the role of detective as they explore through the letters, photographs and diaries the lives of the family members.
This project is being rolled-out over the summer.

For more information visit:

It’s about time…

Two Thirds Design New Business Cards
It’s a case of busman’s holiday really. Carly got married last summer, (a big congratulations to the now Mrs Mills!) and because of this name change, we decided it was high time we re-designed our new business cards. But it’s taken us a whole nine months to get around to re-designing them, what with one thing or another, but at last, here they are in all their finished glory. It’s involved a lot of looking at pantone swatches, sifting through lovely GF Smith paper samples, and discussing print processes such as de-bossing and foil-blocking with Team Impression, who were very helpful and patient as ever.

And we’re very happy with the results!

How Wild is Your Life?

Wildlife Road ShowGood question. It’s what Julia Morris and her team from the Black Country Living Landscape will be asking members of the public over the coming summer months. So if you spy some strange looking wildlife at these venues, we’re sure you’ll be intrigued enough to find out more…

Sunday 7th August - Northycote Farm, Wolverhampton
Wednesday 10th August - Moorcroft Wood LNR, Walsall
Sunday 14th August - Sandwell Park Farm, Sandwell
Tuesday 16th August - Bumble Hole LNR, Dudley

So at Two Thirds we’ve been helping them put together an intriguing campaign of postcards, magnets, posters and imagery - you’ll be amazed what wildness you’ll find out there!

Raising the Barr

Barr Beacon Raising the Barr

The restoration of Barr Beacon’s historic features and community pride.

We’ve been a bit quiet on our blog posts of late, the main reason being that at the Two Thirds office we’ve been heads down helping out Jeff McBride, Countryside Project Development Officer from Walsall Council with an exciting new Heritage Lottery Funding application. This could mean exciting changes to Barr Beacon over the coming couple of years, involving the public with all sorts of exciting events using new technologies. We’ve provided Jeff with research into development of multi-platform educational resources, public consultation and information gathering solutions along with a white paper on the suitability a mobile interactive application.


So watch this space for progress updates…

The Feast - new web site launched!

The Feast new web site
The Feast new web site

We’ve been working recently with Tim Fawssett, Project Manager from The Feast and we’re happy to announce their brand new fully customised WordPress site.

The Feast is a Christian charity based in Birmingham in the UK, working to promote Community Cohesion between Christian and Muslim young people.We’ve worked with The Feast on a few projects to date, and it’s been a good collaborative and creative process establishing a new, strong, brand for them. We have worked closely with Tim to completely re-brand and re-structure their site andTim has thrown himself into fully using and understanding the WordPress technology. It’s been a pleasure to work with The Feast and we are happy that they are getting great feedback on their new site.

Please take a look, sign up to their newsletter or consider doing some volunteering!


neat CSS trick-of-the-eye

Click on the link below and then slowly scroll down the page - watch the background-repeat image. This is more effective on wide screen monitors.

Hot Rod Pinstriping

If fast cars and fast paintbrushes are your thing, check out:


There's some great examples of pin striping onthis site. Crazy, all done free-hand, straight onto the body of the car etc... not for the fainthearted.

Helpfull hints and print techniques

Involving your printer from the start of a design job is vital part of the design for print process. A good printer has lots of knowledge and an extensive and strange vocabulary, and is always willing to help you out with some creative solutions.

But check out this site:


It has everything you ever wanted to know about printing but was always afraid to ask! Well, almost... There's a comprehensive glossary, examples of folding and binding styles, papers sizes and formats. It never replaces talking to a good printer, but it certainly allows you to brush up on some arcane references, so you can at least kid your printer into thinking you know what you are talking about!

The World Bodypainting Festival

If anyone's looking for a slightly different festival next year, why not try out the World Bodypainting Festival, in Seeboden, Austria. All that clean mountain air, hiking and painted people wandering around is sure to be better for you than a trip to the health spa.

Check out the 2010 itinerary at:


Journey to a Brighter Future

Brighter Futures is Birmingham's strategy for improving the lives of all the City's children and young people.

This project included professional puppeteers working with children, scriptwriters, songwriters, blue-screen filming, special effects and alien puppets!

More information about this initiative can be found on: