An imaginative design solution required for a Scheme Members Pack for young people. Approximately only 30 prestigious packs per year are required and cost was a major issue for the client, which the design ideas took into account. Our design solution was to create a ‘hand made feel’, with a presentation box tied with garden string. Stickers cover the presentation box, which holds several assignments in separate envelopes to be opened on designated dates-an idea used to add intrigue to the pack. By juxtaposing imagery, the various issues to be explored in the pack are cleverly highlighted in a lively way.

We developed templates and a prototype to be followed which allowed packs to be printed and put together ‘in house’ on demand. World Vision now has updatable templates easily adapted each year, making this an appealing yet cost effective piece of design. Our involvement was finished off by the design of a contemporary recruitment advert in the well known young people’s magazine ‘Sugar’.