Hot Rod Pinstriping

If fast cars and fast paintbrushes are your thing, check out:

There's some great examples of pin striping onthis site. Crazy, all done free-hand, straight onto the body of the car etc... not for the fainthearted.


A human midi system, all you need is some electrodes, some conductive body paint and a load of bikini clad dancers.  Seriously cool, useless but very cool..

Helpfull hints and print techniques

Involving your printer from the start of a design job is vital part of the design for print process. A good printer has lots of knowledge and an extensive and strange vocabulary, and is always willing to help you out with some creative solutions.

But check out this site:

It has everything you ever wanted to know about printing but was always afraid to ask! Well, almost... There's a comprehensive glossary, examples of folding and binding styles, papers sizes and formats. It never replaces talking to a good printer, but it certainly allows you to brush up on some arcane references, so you can at least kid your printer into thinking you know what you are talking about!