Wall Vinyls

Wall Vinyl’s are a great cost effect solution, using simple solid coloured shapes and vinyl cut lettering can make a dramatic impact. There are many types with different grades of adhesive strengths on the market too; we can even wrap the face of a radiator! We always specify the right solution for that specific environment.

Here are a few helpful tips to see if this material is the best solution for your space:

  • Do a masking tape test - Leave a piece about 50cm long over night, if it is still looks like it did when you applied it then great! If it has peeled or fallen off then we should complete a sample test using our vinyl.
  • A textured wall may be better with a brick vinyl solution.
  • Matt chalky paints can repel vinyl, so if you were going to redecorate we would suggest a satin or gloss finish. The longer you can leave it after the last coat the better as it can take up to 6 weeks for the paint to properly cure!
  • If the wall is showing any signs of damp, or the area will be affected by a heat source then direct to wall vinyl probably isn’t the right material. A vinyl wrapped diBond (metal) board cut to shape would be perfect!

Environment Matters

As human beings, we naturally react to the physical impact of our surroundings. We adapt our clothing to move comfortably through hot or cold air. We spend considerable sums on furniture that makes us feel relaxed and secure. We respond to pleasing décor. And we react just as readily to our emotional atmosphere.

Study after study indicates that a positive school environment is essential for optimal teaching and learning. We at Two Thirds Design understand how important the environment is as an aid to learning. If a child feels secure, happy and calm in their surroundings, they are more likely to feel relaxed and able to learn.

We can help your school develop an environment that will enable all students to feel positively connected to their school, relaxed, and realize their maximum potential. Whatever your requirements, we can help you transform your interior or exterior spaces into calming quiet corners, for reflection and down-time, all the way through to stimulating, engaging spaces to be used as resources or inspiration.