Are you in need of a reflection room or nurturing space?

Whatever name you call it – a nurture room can be a bridge between home and school/nursery; a place where children can feel safe and secure and therefore find the space to develop and grow as individuals.


We can help you create any theme, such as:

  • Beach Hut
  • Sea Theme
  • Woodland theme
  • The Four Seasons Room
  • Magical Woodland grotto hideaway
  • Cosy Cottage
  • Old fashioned Snug/drawing room…

and we’re always working on plenty more!

Using materials like bespoke adhesive wallpaper and vinyl artwork we can completely transform a room or corner of a classroom into a nurture area. You can add bean bags, furniture or your own finishing touches to complete the theme.

Nurture spaces help children develop the social and emotional skills to thrive at school. To be able to engage with peers and adults, gain resilience and a capacity to deal with the ups and downs of life, for life.

Nurture rooms can assist with:

  • Friendship difficulties – keeping/making friends
  • Quiet, shy or withdrawn
  • Find it hard to listen to others or join in
  • Disruptive towards others
  • Find it hard to accept losing a game
  • Difficulties in sharing and taking turns
  • Find it a bit difficult to settle into class
  • Bullying
  • Low self esteem
  • Poor relationships with adults in school
  • Bereavement
  • Family illness or break-up

Two Thirds Design feel passionate about helping schools transform these environments as they truly benefit pupils’ behaviour and staff morale.