Goodbye Halloween


It's time for us to take our Halloween theme down, if you missed it there is a photo after the break.  We also have some more seasonal themes all ready to go throughout the coming year, so come back soon to see what's new!

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A human midi system, all you need is some electrodes, some conductive body paint and a load of bikini clad dancers.  Seriously cool, useless but very cool..

The World Bodypainting Festival

If anyone's looking for a slightly different festival next year, why not try out the World Bodypainting Festival, in Seeboden, Austria. All that clean mountain air, hiking and painted people wandering around is sure to be better for you than a trip to the health spa.

Check out the 2010 itinerary at:

Do doodle: Research shows doodling can help memory recall

At last, it's proven - for all those artistic types out there, doodling away in those boring meetings can actually improve your on and discover why...
Enjoy a whacking 29% improved recall compared to your non-doodling friends!