The World Bodypainting Festival

If anyone's looking for a slightly different festival next year, why not try out the World Bodypainting Festival, in Seeboden, Austria. All that clean mountain air, hiking and painted people wandering around is sure to be better for you than a trip to the health spa.

Check out the 2010 itinerary at:

Journey to a Brighter Future

Brighter Futures is Birmingham's strategy for improving the lives of all the City's children and young people.

This project included professional puppeteers working with children, scriptwriters, songwriters, blue-screen filming, special effects and alien puppets!

More information about this initiative can be found on:

Touchy Fish

So gill mentioned that were working on a new interactive for the New Art Gallery, here's a quick video of the BETA version that's in the final stages of production.

We'll be installing the interactive in the coming weeks so if your in the Walsall area at the beginning of August go check it out!

World Vision Youth Ambassadors

ambassadors_header760Some of our latest work for World Vision - the Youth Ambassadors Pack, including stickers (below) magnets, activity cards and blog designs.

Take a look at the Youth Ambassadors scheme at:

3iFM branding

Some quick examples of the work-to-date for 3i Facilities Management. We're helping them with template and design styles for all their leaflets and case studies, designing their corporate brochure and polypopylene box folder as well as web development.3iFM_blog_1

This is our layout for their brochure...



Barr Beacon Panoramic

This on-going project is finally near completion! Started in 2005, it's been an epic journey of acquiring funding, full 360 degrees photography, meticulous map illustration and lots of community feedback and tweaking. Watch this space, it's due to be up very soon, closely followed by a detailed leaflet of the history and map of the site. Take a visit to Barr Beacon this summer...panoramic_blog_1

And this is the old war memorial, the plinth in the centre is where you'll find our panoramic disc.


Kitty Interactive - 1 year on

Well our Kitty Interactive is now over one year old and still going strong in the Discovery Gallery! It's good to see it here in context with the Andrew Tift triptych and the wooded photo blocks.


A Fishy Interactive - new game for Walsall New Art Gallery

Our second installation built for the re-brand of the Discovery Gallery to be launched at the end of this month, based on the ground floor of Walsall New Art Gallery. Designed for three year-olds and up, the brief was to invent a simple game, using the artwork showcased in the gallery with graphical elements to depict water, reflection and hidden creatures under the sea.fish_blog_4

Built and animated in flash, this permanent feature will be on display beside a good old fashioned fuzzy felt game and a magnetic fishing game... it's nice to see that some things don't change.fish_blog_2fish_blog_1

Naomi Ryder: Textile Designer and Illustrator

Came across this little site and couldn't resist adding it to our blog. Simple elegant and expressive...

Colour Theory - Kuler

This site is great inspiration if you need to develop a colour theme fast! Check out the newest, most popular, highest rated or random themes.


Even if you're not into astrology, this is a great little site for colour theorists and designers alike. Compare your birth colours with those of your friends and family (and your wardrobe), see if there are any similarities or traits, or just use this as inspiration for decorating!

Do doodle: Research shows doodling can help memory recall

At last, it's proven - for all those artistic types out there, doodling away in those boring meetings can actually improve your on and discover why...
Enjoy a whacking 29% improved recall compared to your non-doodling friends!