Catholic Virtues

The Catholic Schools Pupil Profile greatly supports children’s spiritual, moral, vocational, social, and cultural development.

Did you know we have created a collection of child friendly displays focusing on the Values and Virtues?

These Virtue pairing plaques have been designed and developed under the guidance of the 11 UK Jesuit Schools and Fr Adrian Porter SJ, from the Jesuit Institute. A special thanks goes to Michael Burrowes at Cardinal Griffin Catholic College for facilitating this process.

They are particularly aimed at 4 – 11-year-old pupils using bright engaging colours linked to the pairings, photography and illustration, as well as selecting a simple, clear typeface with the preferred letter ‘a’ to aid early readers.

For more information see:


If you are interested in the displays above and would like an accurate costing, it would help if you could provide the following:

  1. Dimensions of the space so we can advise on the size.
  2. A description of the area (e.g. high footfall, near a heat source – radiator or direct sunlight) so we can advise on the right material.
  3. Photographs of the area (e.g. Reception, Hall, Corridor) so we can assess the right fixtures.

We will get back to you ASAP or alternatively contact us on 0121 233 2057 to discuss the possibilities.

Bespoke enquires welcome!

Environment Matters

As human beings, we naturally react to the physical impact of our surroundings. We adapt our clothing to move comfortably through hot or cold air. We spend considerable sums on furniture that makes us feel relaxed and secure. We respond to pleasing décor. And we react just as readily to our emotional atmosphere.

Study after study indicates that a positive school environment is essential for optimal teaching and learning. We at Two Thirds Design understand how important the environment is as an aid to learning. If a child feels secure, happy and calm in their surroundings, they are more likely to feel relaxed and able to learn.

We can help your school develop an environment that will enable all students to feel positively connected to their school, relaxed, and realize their maximum potential. Whatever your requirements, we can help you transform your interior or exterior spaces into calming quiet corners, for reflection and down-time, all the way through to stimulating, engaging spaces to be used as resources or inspiration.

It’s about time…

Two Thirds Design New Business Cards
It’s a case of busman’s holiday really. Carly got married last summer, (a big congratulations to the now Mrs Mills!) and because of this name change, we decided it was high time we re-designed our new business cards. But it’s taken us a whole nine months to get around to re-designing them, what with one thing or another, but at last, here they are in all their finished glory. It’s involved a lot of looking at pantone swatches, sifting through lovely GF Smith paper samples, and discussing print processes such as de-bossing and foil-blocking with Team Impression, who were very helpful and patient as ever.

And we’re very happy with the results!

The Feast - new web site launched!

The Feast new web site
The Feast new web site

We’ve been working recently with Tim Fawssett, Project Manager from The Feast and we’re happy to announce their brand new fully customised WordPress site.

The Feast is a Christian charity based in Birmingham in the UK, working to promote Community Cohesion between Christian and Muslim young people.We’ve worked with The Feast on a few projects to date, and it’s been a good collaborative and creative process establishing a new, strong, brand for them. We have worked closely with Tim to completely re-brand and re-structure their site andTim has thrown himself into fully using and understanding the WordPress technology. It’s been a pleasure to work with The Feast and we are happy that they are getting great feedback on their new site.

Please take a look, sign up to their newsletter or consider doing some volunteering!

Hot Rod Pinstriping

If fast cars and fast paintbrushes are your thing, check out:

There's some great examples of pin striping onthis site. Crazy, all done free-hand, straight onto the body of the car etc... not for the fainthearted.

Helpfull hints and print techniques

Involving your printer from the start of a design job is vital part of the design for print process. A good printer has lots of knowledge and an extensive and strange vocabulary, and is always willing to help you out with some creative solutions.

But check out this site:

It has everything you ever wanted to know about printing but was always afraid to ask! Well, almost... There's a comprehensive glossary, examples of folding and binding styles, papers sizes and formats. It never replaces talking to a good printer, but it certainly allows you to brush up on some arcane references, so you can at least kid your printer into thinking you know what you are talking about!

The World Bodypainting Festival

If anyone's looking for a slightly different festival next year, why not try out the World Bodypainting Festival, in Seeboden, Austria. All that clean mountain air, hiking and painted people wandering around is sure to be better for you than a trip to the health spa.

Check out the 2010 itinerary at:

World Vision Youth Ambassadors

ambassadors_header760Some of our latest work for World Vision - the Youth Ambassadors Pack, including stickers (below) magnets, activity cards and blog designs.

Take a look at the Youth Ambassadors scheme at:

Naomi Ryder: Textile Designer and Illustrator

Came across this little site and couldn't resist adding it to our blog. Simple elegant and expressive...

Colour Theory - Kuler

This site is great inspiration if you need to develop a colour theme fast! Check out the newest, most popular, highest rated or random themes.


Even if you're not into astrology, this is a great little site for colour theorists and designers alike. Compare your birth colours with those of your friends and family (and your wardrobe), see if there are any similarities or traits, or just use this as inspiration for decorating!