It’s about time…

Two Thirds Design New Business Cards
It’s a case of busman’s holiday really. Carly got married last summer, (a big congratulations to the now Mrs Mills!) and because of this name change, we decided it was high time we re-designed our new business cards. But it’s taken us a whole nine months to get around to re-designing them, what with one thing or another, but at last, here they are in all their finished glory. It’s involved a lot of looking at pantone swatches, sifting through lovely GF Smith paper samples, and discussing print processes such as de-bossing and foil-blocking with Team Impression, who were very helpful and patient as ever.

And we’re very happy with the results!

How Wild is Your Life?

Wildlife Road ShowGood question. It’s what Julia Morris and her team from the Black Country Living Landscape will be asking members of the public over the coming summer months. So if you spy some strange looking wildlife at these venues, we’re sure you’ll be intrigued enough to find out more…

Sunday 7th August - Northycote Farm, Wolverhampton
Wednesday 10th August - Moorcroft Wood LNR, Walsall
Sunday 14th August - Sandwell Park Farm, Sandwell
Tuesday 16th August - Bumble Hole LNR, Dudley

So at Two Thirds we’ve been helping them put together an intriguing campaign of postcards, magnets, posters and imagery - you’ll be amazed what wildness you’ll find out there!

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